Antonangeli Illuminazione was born in 1977 and is characterized by attention to product design. It is known for the creation of lighting bodies with a strong personality, which suggest an interpretation of light as an expression of function and emotion at the same time.

Since 2007 Antonangeli has also entered the world of outdoor lighting, launching a series of Outdoor collections. Respect for the dark merges with the desire to produce the emotions and liveability that the light creates indoors.


The uniqueness of the company is given by the continuous research on materials and manufacturing processes. Each collection comes from studies on materials, new or more traditional, treated exclusively, and from in-depth studies on ancient production solutions and novelties never experienced.

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Products and Special Features

Archetto Space, Antonangeli patent, allows you to free the light in the spaces through the use of luminous silicone segments, 1 to 5 meters long, applied on tensile structures, which slide to position themselves at any point along the steel wires. The result is unusual, flexible and personalized floating light effects: direct, indirect or 360 ° light.

The Gine, designed by Sebastiano Tosi (2017) are metal suspensions in series, of different shapes, which can dialogue and integrate with each other, freely composing personalized clusters of light.

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